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What should I do with the damaged polycarbonate hollow sheet?

2022-09-27 Page view : 16 views

In the process of engineering use or installation, if damage occurs accidentally, it is too wasteful to throw away, and it is impractical to continue to use. So what to do with the damaged polycarbonate hollow sheet?

Currently there is a special polycarbonate hollow sheet repair solution on the market, which can be repaired in the case of damage repair is not serious.

Polycarbonate hollow sheet repair solution is a colorless and transparent liquid. pH is neutral and non-toxic. Its main function is to repair the broken polycarbonate hollow sheet.
Specific operations are as follows:
Step 1 is to dust the polycarbonate hollow sheet to reveal the new texture.
Step 2 is to wipe the surface repeatedly with a sponge coated with the repair solution.

Generally within 5 minutes, the polycarbonate hollow sheet will be as clean as new, restored to its original finish and hardness. We are professional polycarbonate hollow sheet manufacturer, please contact us now.

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