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What influences the price of SZNL PC hollow sheet?

2022-09-23 Page view : 6 views

SZNL polycarbonate hollow panel price calculation formula = length (m) * width (m) * density (m3/kg) * unit price ($/kg) * number of pieces (pcs)

The price of hollow sheets is not a constant price, but is calculated through technology, level of craftsmanship, prevailing raw material prices and other costs. The price of hollow sheets varies globally.

When you buy hollow sheets you must consider your use, the structure you need, light transmission and other requirements, etc.

Overall, hollow sheet offers are determined by the following factors.
1*Technology level:
The higher the level of technology, strong structure, waterproof, the higher the price of the hollow sheet produced.

2*Raw material cost:
Polycarbonate raw materials are extracted from petroleum. Polycarbonate raw materials fluctuate with the price of oil, and the price of hollow sheet fluctuates with the price of raw materials.

3*Other costs.
Operating costs, logistics costs, labor costs, mechanical wear and tear, etc. are all necessary factors to consider.

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