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Summarize the difference of different layers of hollow sheet

2022-09-16 Page view : 6 views

As we all know, polycarbonate hollow sheet has different structures such as double-layer, three-layer and multi-layer.
Therefore there will be some customers think that the more layers the better the quality will be.
However, is it really so?
Next, Vicky from SZNL will answer for you.
We are the leading polycarbonate hollow sheet manufacturer in China.

What is the difference between the layers of hollow sheet?

1. The key to the service life of hollow sheet is in the top layer, not depending on how many layers. So multi-layer sheet does not bring much benefit to the service life.

2. The purpose of choosing multi-layer hollow sheet is for thermal insulation and stronger support. Multi-layer sheets have better insulation and support than two or three layers. Increase the cost to choose cost-effective multi-layer hollow sheet is cost-effective.

3. If you use the same raw materials to make two and three layers of hollow sheet, will the two layers be thicker? The thickness increase is really beneficial service life. So it is recommended to choose multi-layer sheet rather than thicker sheet.

4. So, in what case is it good to pick multi-layer hollow sheet? For the space is too small, the height is too low, the support structure is too weak, it is more suitable to choose multi-layer sheet, and then achieve the effect of sound insulation and heat insulation.

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