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Polycarbonate Characteristics and Main Applications in the Automotive Sector

2022-09-10 Page view : 6 views

Image 1.LED light-transmitting panel material modified on the basis of polycarbonate substrate


Image 2.Applications in the automotive field


01 Car lights
When the lights are in use, the phenomenon of heat generation will occur, resulting in a high temperature of the lights, which requires the materials for automotive lights to be able to withstand a certain temperature range. Polycarbonate is favored in the automotive industry because of its excellent transparency, better resistance to high temperatures, and less deformation.

Polycarbonate also has the characteristics of easy coloring, so in the production, pigments and additives can be added directly to make polycarbonate into a transparent colored material.
However, LED front lighting systems prepared using polycarbonate are susceptible to UV light attack, and prolonged UV light exposure can reduce the impact strength of the material. Therefore, when using polycarbonate to prepare LED front lighting system, it is necessary to enhance the anti-aging properties of the product and improve the weather resistance of the product.

Image 3.Headlight mask 3D drawing

02 Car Window
Polycarbonate windows have very good impact resistance properties. When the body is impacted and the glass is broken, the polycarbonate material will not form sharp cracks, avoiding secondary injuries to the driver.

Image 4.Drop hammer test results for window glass of different materials

Polycarbonate material is subject to impact, the extension area of fracture is small, and no sharp section formation. Studies have shown that polycarbonate windows are more than 15 times more impact resistant than ordinary tempered glass.

03 Car interiors
PC has excellent impact resistance, thermal distortion resistance, heat resistance, brittleness and other advantages, so it is also very widely used in automotive shells, glove box buckets, instrument panels and other automotive interior parts.
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Image 5.Shift panel by mold injection molding

Development and Outlook
With the increasingly severe energy and environmental crisis, the implementation of green manufacturing concept has become an urgent need for the transformation and upgrading of the automotive industry, and the development of advanced green automotive materials has become an inevitable choice for the long-term development of the automotive industry.

Polycarbonate, as a new green and environmentally friendly material, has very good overall performance in light transmission, impact resistance, weather resistance, etc. When it is used in green automobile manufacturing, it can well meet the current requirements of light weight and freedom of styling design.

In the future research and development, from the raw material, process, parts and other aspects, to improve the application of polycarbonate in lightweight cars, so that energy saving and emission reduction to a new level.
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